Management Accounting Highlights

Management accountants lead from the heart of business, working within organizations to identify opportunities, reveal insights and make the big strategic decisions that shape a business’ future.

We recognize the critical role management accountants play in driving economic profitability and are committed to delivering cutting-edge and relevant research, tools, and market insights to help finance professionals fine-tune and develop their skills to meet the demands of the new global marketplace.

Leading Management Accounting

Global Management Accounting Principles are based on input from employers around the world and establish a blueprint for management accounting best practices.

CGMA Competency Framework is grounded in research with employers and academics globally to identify and assess the technical, business, people and leadership skills required of finance professionals.

CGMA designation develops and recognizes finance professionals with the strategic thinking and real-life business skills employers are seeking. Candidates qualify for the CGMA by meeting rigorous education, exam and experience requirements.

Essential Tools for Management Accountants is a comprehensive collection of key tools to help define and manage organizational strategy, resources, customers and costs.

Risk Management

Risk Management Toolkit provides practical tools and resources to help accountants and organizations establish robust risk processes.

Decision Making

Research and Insight from global CEOs provide best practices to achieve agile decision making.

Cost Transformation

Cost Transformation Model includes case studies and a framework for transforming and managing a business’ cost-competitiveness. 

Global Insights

CGMA Thought Leadership provides the latest business intelligence to help you stay ahead of emerging issues and trends.


Tools, resources and support to guide management accountants in ethical decision making.