Alumni and Testimonials

2019 cohort

Client Hub

All in one workspace for accountants and clients to share information

Client Hub

Cash flow management and financial forecasting software


Automating time consuming, repetitive tasks and streamlining processes for corporate accounting teams


2018 cohort

North Capital

Marketplace solutions and advisory firm whose technology platform allows broker-dealers, funding platforms, and issuers to conduct online private securities offerings

Regroup Tax

Cloud-based program and app that creates workpapers for business tax preparation with a trial balance feature


Uses gamification to help companies assess the technical skills of job candidates and improve the skills of current employees


Professional development platform pairing working professionals with experienced executive coaches through in-app messaging and video sessions, accessible by computer or mobile device


What past participants have said about their experience

“The Accelerator was instrumental in our shift upmarket, which is proving to be essential for us … We've opened some really key doors and leads for us … We've also increased our visibility and credibility in the market which will help us grow much faster.”

– Blaine Bertsch, Founder of Dryrun

“Thanks to the exposure we've had to the Association, individual sessions, hearing how leaders talk about change (e.g., Thought Leader Dinner) - we are far more confident now about articulating what we are doing and why. Honing in on this messaging is a critical, foundational part of our business. And thanks to the Accelerator we believe we are in a much stronger position now to execute our strategy in a way that aligns with our core mission.”

– Jotham Ty, founder of Gappify

“Entering the accounting profession out of college in 2007, I had not viewed the AICPA as the source of innovation.  Now that we've been through the accelerator program, experienced ENGAGE and Barry's keynote, listening to the Beyond Disruption podcast, and just watched some of the Human Intelligence video series, I have to say that the AICPA is more like the... Association of Innovative Certified Public Accountants!”

- Vince LoRusso, CPA, founder of TrueUp

“It’s been a terrific opportunity to meet engaged and knowledgeable people in the accounting profession who have made bridges for us to help expand our technology and business… getting into the accelerator was a shot in the arm when we needed it most because it validated our business and technology.”

- Jim Dowd, founder of North Capital