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Finance and Data Foundations
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Finance and Data Foundations

Strengthen your business acumen and unlock the power of data analytics.

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With this bundle you will:

  • Understand how data analytics can transform your organization and close data analytics skills gaps for future success.

  • Strengthen your business acumen and ability to work with financial information to make better business decisions.

What’s included in this bundle
NASBA Field of Study: Information Technology
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Product Details

Transform with data analytics

Learn from data

Understand the power of data analytics and conquer common misconceptions around data and automation.

Learn how data-driven organizations are three times more likely to experience significant improvement across performance, company growth, and net earnings.

Through an immersive and realistic storyline, discover how organizations can start their data analytics journey, all the way through to innovating by being data-led.

Plan with data

No matter the level of your technical expertise, learn through a step-by-step process how to create your own data analytics and business strategy.

Unlock the potential of data analytics through relatable real-world examples, engaging study materials, and the power of storytelling.

Then gain an understanding of how to implement that strategy as renowned industry experts share invaluable insight and strategies for how to effectively use data analytics.

Thrive through data

Understand how your organization can not only survive but thrive -gaining a competitive advantage - through the strategic implementation of data analytics.

Whether data specialists or not, learn how your team can play a role in helping your organization innovate and monetize through using data.

Digital badge

Upon completion of this certificate, you will receive a digital badge to share with your online professional network.

This certificate provides an overview that leads to the Data Analyst Certificates Bundle – a comprehensive five-part program that provides training and practical guidance on the topic of data analytics.

Who Will Benefit

  • Accountants and finance professionals
  • Insurance professionals
  • Organizational leadership (senior management and C-suite)
  • Business and operations-focused teams
  • Technical and nontechnical teams

Key Topics

  • The benefits of data analytics
  • The four types of data analytics – descriptive, diagnostic predictive, and prescriptive
  • The opportunities that arise from being data-driven

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize what it means for an organization to be data-led.
  • Recognize the components of the data analytics ecosystem.
  • Recognize where to start on your data analytics journey.
  • Recognize the benefits of data analytics for organizations and individuals.
  • Recall the definition of business intelligence.
  • Recognize how data analytics can be used to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage.
  • Recognize how data analytics can create opportunities for innovation.
  • Recall how to evaluate proposals for a data analytics project.
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Product Details

Talk the talk

Financial literacy

Become comfortable with financial terms and tools, so that you can participate more fully in conversations about the financial health of your business and understand how your work fits into your business’s financial picture.

Visual clarity

Learn through videos and animation that help clarify basic financial concepts and key messages in financial statements, as well as their implications for you and your business.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Fit this modular learning into your busy schedule, on your computer or mobile device.

You can click through a presentation of budget types on your smartphone over coffee.

Later, you can settle in at your computer to dive into the more challenging discussion of how using various ratios — which consider financial information in the context of internal and external factors — can help improve business performance and assist in your own decision-making. Throughout, test your knowledge with interactive Q&As.

Budgets and forecasts

Learn from animated scenarios that demystify how budgets and forecasts help identify and manage performance across a business that is facing various challenges.

Understand what different stakeholders are interested in and learn about common tools and techniques for communicating financial information to them.

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Finance and Data Foundations
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