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How data science can transform your business
Get answers to your data science questions and learn how to ask your data scientist the right questions in a recent CIMA Insights interview.

The father of the 401(k) on how his invention has reshaped retirement
Ted Benna discusses how and why he came up with America’s quintessential retirement plan, the 401(k). He talks about its advantages and drawbacks – and how he would change it if given the chance.

Improv is for more than comedy
Success is at the intersection of self-confidence, collaboration and active listening. Just ask our latest guest on the Go beyond disruption podcast: Improv speaker and facilitator, Kristy West discusses how practicing improv will help improve your career trajectory.

Tax practitioners could soon find it easier to talk to the IRS
According to a recent Bloomberg report, IRS Chief Charles Rettig is considering an AICPA proposal to create a new practitioner services division in the agency focused on the needs of the tax practitioner community.

Helping procrastinators stay on track
Behind on that to-do list you meant to finish last week? Coaching and encouragement can convert chronic procrastination into productivity.