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Trade concerns widespread as economic outlook sags
Economic optimism in the United States dropped to its lowest level in three years, according to a survey of finance decision-makers released last week.

How to boost your workplace self-awareness
You might think you know yourself and how you are perceived. But how do you really know?

Lifelong learning: The key to a healthy life
From sustained mental clarity to improved cognition, lifelong learning provides lifelong benefits.

How good are you at receiving feedback?
What are your “blind spots” when it comes to receiving feedback? And how has technology changed feedback expectations? Hear more on this topic from CPA Rebekah Brown.

Auditors: Check out your go-to resource page
The auditor’s opinion is moving to the beginning of auditor’s report, making it easier to find. Learn about this and other changes to the auditor’s report on the AICPA’s auditing standards hub site. You’ll find FAQs, one-pagers, news articles, podcast episodes and more.   

CIMA and its commitment to forging a better world
In its recent report, CIMA outlines how its actions to support the United Nations Global Compact’s principles, from improving human rights to stopping corruption.