Shut up and listen: How auditory learning can make you more human

by Samantha Delgado – Manager – Communications, PR & Corporate Responsibility 

Listening to the radio in your car. Staring at your phone during your train commute. These are moments that provide opportunities for learning. However, more often than not, people don’t take advantage of that time.

Instead of letting these moments pass by, why not work on developing an important skill — particularly one that can improve both your personal and professional life, like active listening? It’s something that’s often pushed aside, but necessary to learn and grow.

In fact, the World Economic Forum says that by 2020, we’ll have entered a Fourth Industrial Revolution where the skills needed to succeed will be drastically different than those in the past. More specifically, human intelligence-type competencies will be more critical than ever. At the top of those competencies is emotional intelligence, which inherently requires excellent listening skills.

Josh Carlton, the founder of 500THz, recently outlined four ways to get better at listening to effectively absorb information, including this very obvious tip: listen more often. While in your car, on the train or on a flight to visit a client, practice your active listening skills with auditory learning, such as listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Even better, seek out material that will teach you new concepts and ideas related to accounting and professional development. This will force you to actively listen and digest information that you can use in the workplace. In addition, it will help establish a skill that is imperative to developing deeper emotional intelligence.

Looking for fresh, new content to listen to? Here are some suggestions to help you go beyond in your career using auditory learning. 

  • Beyond Disruption Podcast: You’re surrounded by disruption and rapid change. If you’re looking for solutions and a way to seize opportunities, this podcast can help you stay ahead of technologies like blockchain, automation, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.
  • Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: This audiobook empowers you to join a very important conversation while looking into how artificial intelligence will affect crime, war, justice, jobs, society and human nature in general.
  • Alexa Accounting Flash Briefing: Today, nearly 20 percent of Americans own and use one or more virtual assistant-enabled devices on a regular basis. Why not put it to work for you? Sign up for the Association’s Accounting Brief and go beyond the usual accounting news.

Don’t waste another second passively listening to the radio — seize moments during your commute for auditory learning and watch your personal and professional life flourish.