NEW Global CFF Exam data sheet
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NEW Global CFF Exam data sheet

Apr 06, 2022 · 1 min read

Throughout April 2022, three legacy pathway versions of the CFF exam are being phased out and replaced by a new unified, globally oriented CFF exam. See our latest news brief CFF Emerges Anew and webinar CFF Global Exam for Global CFF Exam details.

Here is a summary of what this means to our legacy Standard Pathway, Certificate Pathway, and CPA Canada Pathway participants:

What will change:

  • The three legacy pathways are being merged into a NEW unified and global Standard Pathway.

  • Each of the two-part, two-hour exams merge to become a one-part four-hour global exam.

  • The new CFF exam title and product number will be different to reflect this change.

  • When available, members will simply follow the links to register for the NEW Global CFF Exam, product # CFFEXAMREG22.

What remains unchanged:

  • The application process remains the same.

  • The CFF credential qualifications remain the same.

  • The exam questions will be substantially the same, with differences attributed to globalized language corrections throughout.

  • The exam topics (learning objectives) remain the same, just re-engineered to position the CFF Credential for growing global demand.

  • The exam logistics remain the same with the single-setting 4-hour computerized exam taken either proctored remote or at one of the Kryterion testing centers worldwide.

We do understand that change can be uncomfortable for candidates under pressure to pass the exam. Therefore, if you are a member who has already purchased the two-part legacy Standard Pathway Exam(s), the two-part Certificate Pathway Exam(s), or the CPA Canada Exam, we are happy to work with you to ensure you are able to use those options until the expiration date of their purchase. For those members, please contact our member services team at GECS& or email Kari Day at for assistance.


Dr. Kari C. Day, CPA | CGMA | FCPA | CFE is an AICPA Senior Manager for the Certified in Financial Forensics CFF® credential. She has earned four professional accounting credentials, a Master of Accountancy degree, and a Doctorate in Advance Accounting Theory with a Focus on Forensics. Kari began her career in public accounting, advancing to Senior Auditor before repositioning into higher education, earning rank and tenure as an Associate Accounting Professor in Oregon. While completing her dissertation on CPA Human Skill Competencies, she hired out as a subject matter expert and consultant for continuing professional education, university accounting programs, and course level editing and design. Kari thoroughly enjoys the creative intelligence involved in conceptual strategies for exemplary global accounting programs and worldwide proficiency for the accounting profession. It is her privilege to collaborate with friends and colleagues to promote forensic accounting awareness around the world.

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What did you think of this?

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