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PCPS mental health resources

Dec 31, 2021 ·

Mental health influences one's ability to work productively and cope with the stresses of daily living. A healthy psychological state, the less observable inner world of your employees, is central to performance for a knowledge worker. Healthy employees are vital to the success of your firm, and their mental health cannot be ignored in the pursuit of goals. It's imperative that we learn how to tend to our state of mind. As we do, we will see an increasingly positive effect on job performance and firm success.

The following PCPS resources for self and firm are provided in PowerPoint format. While firms can download and customize these items for presentation purposes, also consider printing or posting on internal sites specific slides that will help to create a firm culture dedicated to mental well-being.

Resources for firm

A business imperative

Recognize the prevalence of mental health conditions and understand how these conditions relate to the workplace. Additionally, understand the business case for mental wellness and how mental health can affect the bottom line.

Recognizing signs in others and intervening with compassion and respect

Understand how mental health conditions may show up in colleagues at work. Additionally, learn the role and requirement of firms around mental health and how both managers and staff can intervene with compassion and respect.

Resources for self

You are not alone – the prevalence of mental health conditions

As we talk more openly about our own mental health, we begin to see that no one is exempt from experiencing periods of challenge over the course of their career and lifetime. Destigmatize mental conditions by understanding their prevalence and learn the wide range of conditions categorized under mental illness.

Recognizing signs in self and when to seek professional help

Understand the signs and severity of your own mental health conditions and determine if you should seek professional assistance.

How to select the appropriate support professional

Seeking support is not a sign of failure or weakness; it is a proactive measure and an indication you are committed to becoming your best self. Understand the requirements of firm management and HR and learn the differences in a therapist and coach.

Other tools and resources

Webcast | Mental health: A business imperative

This PCPS webcast provides practical strategies and ready-to-use tools to incorporate mental health initiatives into your firm and improve job performance and firm success.

Conference Session | Mental health: The state of mind and the bottom line

This session from AICPA's Women's Global Leadership Summit identifies how personal development initiatives increase business performance. Additionally, it helps listeners recognize the common signs of stress and angst in one's self and in another and describes how to effectively intervene and best manage employees who are experiencing mental health challenges.

Conference Session | Mental health: How your inner world influences your performance

This session from AICPA's We're About Success event helps listeners learn the importance of their own mental health, signs they may have a problem and ways to get help.

Podcast | Mental health matters: How asking the right questions can help

This Journal of Accountancy podcast explains why mental health matters and shares advice on how managers and firms can better promote mental health within their organizations.

Podcast | Signs you or a colleague could use mental health support

This Journal of Accountancy podcast discusses signs indicating someone may need to consider speaking with a mental health professional, provides advice on finding a mental health professional, and suggests ways employers can foster staff well-being.

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