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AICPA Leadership Academy

A program designed to expose the next generation of CPAs to a strong ethic of leadership and service.

Leadership Academy 2023 Application is now open.

AICPA Leadership Academy

A program designed to expose the next generation of CPAs to a strong ethic of leadership and service.

Leadership Academy 2023 Application is now open.

What is Leadership Academy?

The four-day leadership program for young accounting professionals engages candidates in a self-examination of leadership, what that means and how that impacts their personal life, career path, and the CPA profession.

The interactive dialogue with the profession’s thought leaders and other academy participants focuses on the issues that the profession is currently facing.

The academy exposes the next generation of CPAs to strong leadership ethics and service while providing them with the strategies to forge relationships, to expand their competencies and empower them to become a leader within their organization, community, and the CPA profession.

What You'll Learn

The first half of the program is focused on leadership of self, a self-examination of personal strengths and values coupled with actionable take-aways on where the greatest impacts can be made. The second half of the program is focused on how to lead others and an organization. These sessions include how to facilitate and lead strategic conversations, the importance of inclusive leadership, giving and receiving feedback and in-depth conversations about the future of the accounting profession.

Why Attend?

  • Experiential learning

  • Leadership & personal development

  • Networking

  • Impact the profession

  • CPE

Who should Attend?

In order to be considered, you must meet the following eligibility requirements at the time of application:

  • Be a licensed CPA between the age of 25-35

  • Be a regular member of the AICPA

  • Be a member of a state society or professional accounting organization

  • Have 3+ years of experience within the accounting profession

Date, Location, and Cost

Date: December 11 - 14, 2023
Location: Durham, NC
Cost: Accepted individuals are responsible for a portion of the program fee, which includes learning materials, meals, social activities, three nights’ hotel accommodations and at least 20 CPE credit. The cost for the 2023 program is $2,500.

Apply today. Applications will close on June 30, 2023.

Find answers to the most frequent questions about applying and participating in the AICPA Leadership Academy.

For questions or additional information, please email

What do past Attendees have to say?

Read what AICPA Leadership Academy Alumni have to say about their experiences. Still want to learn more? Join the conversation on Twitter at #AICPA_LDR

Juan Martinez

The ability to walkthrough with an executive coach and receive detailed insight of my leadership style and how to adapt areas to strengthen my overall leadership skills was instrumental. Additionally, for me, being able to take part in the experience with 34 other CPAs from across the country resulted in more than an expanded network, these individuals are truly lifelong connections.”

Renee Bardenwerper

"My week at Leadership Academy was truly inspirational; the skills that were developed, along with the connections that were made, will last a lifetime."

Remi Omisore

"The Leadership Academy was a fantastic experience that broadened my understanding of what it means to be a leader, the program was life changing, it gave me the opportunity to network and learn from other emerging leaders and the tools to be a future leader."

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