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Earning CIMA’s CGMA® Professional Qualification

The Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation is issued by AICPA & CIMA, together as the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

On completion of CIMA's CGMA qualification and becoming a CIMA member, you are automatically entitled to the CGMA designation.

It will add global power to your CV, showcase your value around the world and demonstrate your business acumen, ethics and commitment.

Having the letters CGMA after your name brings huge career benefits, including:

  • Global recognition of your experience, commitment and skills by key employers

  • Connection to a community of like-minded peers with whom you can share best practices

  • Access to CGMA tools, webinars, reports and research that will keep you at the forefront of your profession and give you a competitive edge.

Having these designatory letters tells the world you’re a trusted, business strategist with the ability to connect all aspects of business to drive sustainable success. It says you have a commitment to professional ethics and a code of conduct.

Backed by a powerful array of benefits, your CGMA designation will let you stay connected to the pulse of your profession and become a champion for the business.

How to become a member

As well as passing all your exams, you'll also need to demonstrate you have a minimum of three years of relevant practical experience (PER) before, during and/or after studies.

If awarded membership you'll be able to use the CGMA designation.

Are you looking to find out the level of CGMA you are at immediately?

We would encourage you to create an account and Register. Upon entering your qualifications and number of years work experience, you will then be informed of the level of entry for CGMA.

Please note: you can then either continue and complete the full registration, or you can simply log off during the registration process and come back at a later date to complete your registration to become a CGMA Candidate member.

Jumpstart your career today

There are two pathways to becoming a CGMA designation holder, each with education, experience and assessments designed to build on your existing knowledge and career achievements.
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