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Exam ethics and policies

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We are committed to ensuring that our exams are carried out ethically, honestly and to the highest standard for the benefit of students and our key partners. Enhance your knowledge of unethical behaviour and better understand how to comply with the CIMA Code of Ethics and exam rules.

Examinations Terms and Conditions

Each time you schedule an exam, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions.' with down load button to T's and C's.

Examinations Terms and Conditions

Exam Scheduling Terms and Conditions

Special considerations policy

CIMA has a process in place which allows you to apply for special consideration if you feel that your exam performance was adversely affected by mitigating circumstances shortly before or on the day of your exam.

CIMA’s Special Consideration Policy

Find out how to apply for special consideration for your exam

Apply for special consideration

Special consideration is a post-exam adjustment to a mark or grade to compensate those disadvantaged by circumstances beyond their control shortly before or on the day of the exam. 

Special accommodations

CIMA welcomes entries from students with disabilities or special requirements and is able to provide additional help or concessions, such as extra exam time, as appropriate to individual needs. Students can apply for reasonable adjustments at any time and are advised to do so in advance of booking their first exam.

Special accommodations policy

Find out about special accommodation in your exam

Exam standards investigation procedure

CIMA takes suspected Exam Regulation Breaches, Testing Irregularities and Unfair Practices very seriously. In the interest of fairness to all CIMA students and members and in line with CIMA’s duty to uphold public confidence in the profession we have published the Exam Standards Investigation Procedure document.

This document is intended for all those involved in or affected by a suspected Exam Regulations Breach, including CIMA staff and governance committees involved in the investigation and/or disciplinary process.

Exam Standards Investigation Procedure

"Find out what happens if you are investigated for exam regulation breaches, testing irregularities or unfair practices"

Exam social media guidance

Social media and online forums can be helpful for revision, exam preparation and connecting with teachers and subject experts. Read on to understand how to use social media the right way as part of your learning and exam preparation.

How to get ahead in exams

Getting great results in your exams is a sure way to further your chances in the career market. Cheating, however, or helping others by leaking or sharing information, is a certain way of jeopardising your future career as a professional accountant. Find out more about what not to do when preparing for and taking your exams.

Cheating in exams - the consequences

Every year, a substantial number of registered students are referred to CIMA’s conduct team to investigate allegations of cheating. The students whose cases are considered are located in all parts of the world and often include technology. Find out more about the CIMA misconduct process.

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