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Not-for-Profit Section member news, resources, benefits, and FAQs

Get answers to common questions the NFP Section team receives about membership, benefits, and troubleshooting.

Not-for-Profit Section member news, resources, benefits, and FAQs

Get answers to common questions the NFP Section team receives about membership, benefits, and troubleshooting.

NFP news and updates

Stay current on not-for-profit developments and their effects on the work on your desk today.


Following are links to the NFP Section’s most popular downloads and pages you’ll want to bookmark and refer back to frequently. This is not a complete list of NFP Section resources. If you’re looking for a resource you don’t see listed here, click on the NFP resource library. You can search for a specific resource with a keyword search at the top of the page and filter the results using the topic and content-type filters on the left. For example, from the resource library, you can choose "Not-for-Profit Section" under the Premium Content filter to see resources that are locked for NFP Section members. Still not finding what you need? Email us at


Get up-to-date and earn CPE credit with NFP Section webcasts.

The Not-for-Profit Section hosts 12 monthly webcasts that are complimentary for Section members as a benefit of membership. There are eight original webcasts and four rebroadcasts. Led by industry experts, all webcasts are 2 hours and both CAE and CPE-eligible.

For convenience, NFP Section members are automatically enrolled in the webcasts. You will receive reminders and invitations to join via email. Be sure to add the email address to your “safe senders” list to ensure you don’t miss these opportunities.

As a member benefit, NFP Section members and NFP subscribers can view past events and presentation slides in the no-cpe webcast archive.

Earn a Not-for-Profit Certificate.

NFP Section members receive 20% off the already discounted AICPA member price for the Not-for-Profit Certificate Program. Available for two experience levels, certificates can be obtained through online self-study by anyone interested in learning more about nonprofit financial management. Courses are available for purchase individually, by topic, or as a complete package. All courses must be completed to receive a certificate; however, staff and volunteers can benefit from individual courses, and CPE/CAE and Yellow Book credit is available for licensed professionals.

Broaden your skills and knowledge with NFP-specific CPE.

Build your NFP reference library.

Not-for-Profit Section members receive 10% off valuable NFP publications like these:

Network and share knowledge with other NFP industry professionals.

NFP Section members receive $50 off registration for the AICPA NFP Industry Conference, Governmental and Not-for-Profit Training Program, and other NFP-related conferences.

NFP Section membership benefits

Members of the AICPA Not-for-Profit Section receive complimentary registration for eight original webcasts and four rebroadcasts ($870+ value). Section members are auto-enrolled for the complimentary webcasts and will receive details and instructions prior to each event via email.

Checklists, sample policies, illustrative financial statements, and toolkits focused on key areas in accounting, auditing, tax, and governance.

Special alerts

Exclusive NFP Section communications delivered to your inbox on key developments, trending issues, standards, and updates on recently released tools. Set your AICPA communication preferences to get the newsletter.

Unlimited 24/7 access to our archived webcasts.

Discounts for NFP Section members will be automatically applied during the checkout process.

NFP Subscription membership benefits

The Not-for-Profit Subscription is part of the AICPA’s comprehensive portfolio of offerings for CPAs and finance professionals serving the not-for-profit industry, including the Not-for-Profit Section membership and the Not-for-Profit Certificate programs. It was designed to meet the needs of those who need access to tools and resources but are not interested in the complimentary CPE that comes with the NFP membership section.


  • Plug-and-play templates, sample policies, illustrative examples, and many more tools to help you with the work on your desk today

  • A comprehensive, continuously updated library of in-depth articles and resources to boost your understanding of key developments and complex issues affecting NFPs

  • Exclusive archived webcasts covering critical focus areas within NFP accounting and financial reporting, tax compliance, and governance and featuring leading industry experts

  • A complimentary subscription to the NFP Section eNews Alert, keeping you up to date on the latest developments affecting NFPs and pointing you straight to the information and resources you need to apply the newest tax laws and accounting and auditing standards


NFP Section FAQs


Does the NFP Section offer both individual and firm memberships?

The NFP Section membership is an individual-based membership, not a firm-based membership.

What if there are several people in my firm who want access to NFP Section content and webcasts?

Because NFP Section membership is an individual membership, each person would have to qualify and join the NFP Section.

Do I need to be an AICPA member to be a member of the NFP Section?

Yes. AICPA members are welcome to become Section members: regular voting, associate, international associate, and non-CPA associate members. We welcome those who are not CPAs and who have management or governance responsibilities with respect to a not-for-profit organization, including those who serve as board members or as volunteers. Join the AICPA as a Non-CPA Associate and then join the Not-for-Profit Section for our wide array of resources and news to support you.

My firm would like to make the not-for-profit organizations we work with members of the NFP Section. Is this possible?

Yes, you can suggest to your NFP professionals that they become individual members of the AICPA and add the NFP Section.

When do I renew my NFP Section membership?

Section (and AICPA) membership renewals must be completed by July 31st.

NFP Section FAQs


As a board member of a not-for-profit, can I access the NFP Section’s resources?

Yes, as long as you are a member of the Section. If you are not a CPA, you can join as a non-CPA Associate of the AICPA and then add the NFP Section.

Does the AICPA Not-for-Profit Section answer technical questions?

The AICPA NFP Section does not answer technical questions. However, the NFP Section provides guidance and resources to help its members navigate technical issues in our NFP resource library.

Does the AICPA NFP Section provide networking opportunities to help members knowledge share and get help with technical issues?

Network and share knowledge with other NFP industry professionals at the NFP Industry Conference, Governmental and Not-for-Profit Training Program, and other NFP-related conferences

The AICPA NFP Section has a LinkedIn group and a Facebook group to keep members up to date on regulatory developments and to foster peer discussions on technical issues and practice management.

Volunteering is an excellent way to build a network of professionals. Learn more about our Not-for-Profit Advisory Council. Visit Volunteer Central and the Accounting Standards section to learn more about the Not-for-Profit Organizations Expert Panel. Click here to find out how you can get involved.

NFP Section FAQs


How do I subscribe to relevant communications from the AICPA and NFP Section?

To get communications tailored to your interests, review your AICPA communication preferences in your account profile and make sure you’re subscribed to the following.

  • AICPA Update

  • CPA Letter

  • Sections & Premium Subscriptions

  • Sections & Premium Subscription Holders

  • Not-for-Profit topic

I am having issues accessing the website and viewing certain webpages and resources. How do I get help?

Are you a member of the NFP Section? Many of our resources are “NFP Section exclusives” and available only to NFP Section members. If you are a member and cannot access a resource, contact the AICPA Global Engagement Center (GEC). The GEC can help you troubleshoot your issues. Before contacting them, you can also try the following tips.

  • Use Google Chrome. It is the recommended browser for our website.

  • Hit F5 to refresh your browser.

  • Clear your history, close your browser, and reopen your browser.

  • Log out of your account and log back in again.

Related resources

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