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AICPA & CIMA sign Memorandum of Understanding with leading Romanian accounting body CECCAR

Together the organisations aim to support the accounting and finance profession and create a pipeline of future finance leaders for the market

CIMA Response HM Treasury R&D Tax Relief Review: Consultation on a Single Scheme

In the document below, please find all you will need to know in using our logo. If you have further questions, please contact

Response to HM Treasury Consultation on R&D Tax Relief

Our broad view is that tax credits are useful as part of a broader mix of policies to make the UK economy more competitive. Ensuring that the UK is in line with the most competitive countries in each policy area is key to ensuring that when companies make decisions about investment the UK is more likely to emerge as the favoured destination. Companies will consider a range of different factors and will each attach different value to individual points so maximising the number on which the UK outperforms makes sense. In this consultation response on R&D Tax Relief we provide answers to those questions where we can provide input.

FRC consults on new Corporate Governance Code

AICPA&CIMA welcome the consultation on the revised UK Corporate Governance Code. We will be engaging with our members and business leaders over the coming months to help inform the consultation outcomes.

Bronwen Maddox and David Fishwick to speak at AICPA & CIMA ENGAGE conference

ENGAGE 2023 Finance Award winners to be announced at the conference

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Insights is the official blog for AICPA & CIMA and features posts from AICPA & CIMA staff on a variety of topics affecting the accounting profession, AICPA & CIMA and their members.

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