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Studying CIMA will power up your career and ensure you’re amongst the most able, sought after and valued employees in the world. To become a CGMA, requires hard work and dedication – but remember, you’re not alone.


We’ll do our absolute best to support you through CIMA’s CGMA Professional Qualification process and help you pass your exams the first time.

You have access to the CGMA Study Hub, which includes access to 70+ hours of free guided support material.

You can also purchase quality, CIMA®-endorsed study products and resources, including revision cards, exam kits, mock exams, revision classes and, of course, the official CGMA study text. You can even study online and take interactive tests with

A variety of study options are available, from classroom-based to online and everything in between. AICPA® & CIMA Registered Tuition Providers work with CIMA and have access to all the latest syllabus information and resources. We recommend you choose a tuition provider registered with CIMA.

There is a wide range of study options to suit everyone’s needs, so read on to find out which works best for you.

Courses with a tuition provider

You can attend a course with one of the many global course providers that teach the CGMA syllabus. This is a good option if you enjoy or prefer to study with others and want to have the benefits of a tutor on hand to ask any questions. Lessons will be planned to cover the full course and offer revision prior to sitting your exam. Find a CIMA Registered Tuition provider near you.

Distance learning with

If you want to choose when and where you study but would also benefit from tutor support, then distance learning may be the right choice for you. The official CIMA online resource is It’s ideal if you live in an area where there is little or no tuition provision, or if you prefer self-studying at your own pace. Courses are now available for the Certificate in Business Accounting and for Operational, Management and Strategic Level subjects. For more information, visit

Study with official CGMA textbooks and study materials

Looking for a cost-effective method to study the CGMA qualification? Study with the only CIMA faculty-reviewed and -endorsed study texts and materials — your only costs will be the texts, materials and exam fee. Home study requires high levels of discipline and self-motivation. The official CGMA textbooks can be purchased at

Combining study methods with blended learning

You can combine your study methods and get the effectiveness of face-to-face tuition together with the flexibility of distance learning. An example of this would be a distance learning course, followed by a taught revision course. To find tuition providers who offer distance learning courses, use the AICPA & CIMA Registered Tuition Provider database.


Power up your studies with our study support resources

Format of CIMA exam

There are two types of exams you will want to practise for: the Objective Tests for each subject (Cert BA and Professional Qualification), and the Case Study exams for each level of the professional qualification.

To help you become familiar with the format and functionality, we have three sets of resources available.

  • Free exam tutorial
    Allows you to gain familiarity with the technology used to deliver the exam.

  • Free question tutorial
    Allows you to gain familiarity with the types of questions encountered in the exam.

  • Exam practice through CIMA Aptitude
    Affordable practice questions available through Practice at your own pace or test out your knowledge in timed-assessment mode!

The CGMA Study Hub

Maximise your chances of exam success by accessing our study support resource library.

The Study Hub provides a wide range of free, carefully curated content designed to aid your study, revision and exam preparation. It contains insights from actual examiners, markers, and training providers, along with advice from top-performing candidates.
Here are some of the advantages available at the Study Hub:

  • An onboarding guide covering where to start

  • Tricky topic tutorials

  • Webinars on a wide range of topics including time management and memory retrieval techniques

  • The ability to create a personalised plan and keep track of your progress

  • Exam information

  • The latest wellbeing updates

  • How to access free, personalised one-to-one coaching

  • A definitive guide for re-sit students

  • Previous Case Study Exam questions and example answers

  • Pre-seen information

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icon checkmarkOur guarantee

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