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CPA Marketing Toolkit

CPAs work in a competitive environment. Showcase your knowledge and skills to your clients with these tools for high visibility and yield.

Ready to take your practice to the next level? Set yourself apart from the competition. Showcase your expertise. Illustrate your value. You provide top-notch services. We’re here to help you market those services. The resources in the CPA Marketing toolkit help you communicate with prospects and clients throughout your career. These tools help you demonstrate your strength as a trusted adviser, assisting with all aspects of your clients’ financial situations.

Marketing tools for you

This section features resources for all CPAs— regardless of practice area. These are tools for you to use to showcase your services and your CPA designation.

Showcase your CPA designation

Members can download CPA logos for use in their communications. This page also features frequently asked questions related to usage requirements.

.CPA Domain

Incorporate the CPA brand into your website URL to distinguish your services from those of non-CPAs. Apply for a secure web domain exclusively available to CPA firms. It also provides an extra level of security for you and your clients.

CPA Marketing Toolkit for Small Business

Take a look at these resources designed to help you educate small business owners about the services you offer and the ways CPAs act as trusted advisers.

Marketing tools for you to share with clients

This section features resources for all CPAs— regardless of practice area. These are tools designed for you to share with your clients.

Guide to CPA Services

Use this co-brandable guide to help communicate the services you can provide to small business clients.

Value of Hiring a CPA – A Client Marketing Presentation

This presentation is a guide for you to talk with prospective clients about the advantages of working with a CPA and the types of year-round services you provide.

Small Firm Client Recruiting Brochure

Customize this brochure by adding your firm’s information and logo and use it to market your small CPA firm to prospective clients.

Tax marketing tools

The resources in this section are designed to help you strengthen your relationships with clients and prospects and make educating clients on key tax topics easier. Join the AICPA Tax Section to access the latest tax information and resources and upskill your tax expertise.

2022 Tax Year in Review — Presentation for Clients

Update your clients on various tax updates and encourage them to talk with you about their long-term financial plans.

Tax Extension FAQs for Clients

Do you have clients who are hesitant about filing an extension to file their tax return? Communicate the who, what, when and how to ease their minds.

Year-End Tax Planning Letter for Individual Clients

Reach out to your individual clients to initiate tax planning activities and help them maximize last-minute tax strategies.

Year-End Tax Planning Letter for Small Business Clients

Reach out to your small business clients before year-end to help them take steps to prepare for the next tax season.

Financial planning marketing tools for CPAs

The resources in this section are designed to help you showcase your year-round expertise. Life’s events — marriage, divorce, welcoming a new child, education saving and retirement — present opportunities to discuss tax implications and financial planning services. Take your practice to the next level by joining the AICPA Personal Financial Planning Section and gain access to top-notch tools and information.

Highlight your expertise as a CPA financial planner with these ads

PFP/PFS related social media and print advertisements for members to use in their local media.

Tax and Financial Planning Tips: Education Costs

Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten or college, your clients need to know how paying for an education can affect their taxes.

Tax and Financial Planning Tips: Marriage and Divorce

Share valuable tax and financial planning tips to help clients understand the tax effects of marriage and divorce.

Tax and Financial Planning Tips: Retirement

Help your clients prepare for retirement at any stage in their lives with these tax and financial planning tips.

Tax and Financial Planning Tips: Welcoming a New Child

Having a new baby is an exciting time, but it also means changes to a family’s tax situation. These tax tips will explain what your clients need to know.

Marketing tools for CPAs related to practice management/firm management

Showing up prepared for client meetings allows you to make the best possible first impression. The tools in this section are designed to help you do just that. For additional resources to help you run your practice more smoothly, join the AICPA’s Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS).

Proposal meeting prep list

The Proposal Meeting Prep List will ensure that you are adequately prepared for the Trusted Business Advisor proposal meeting.

Overcoming pricing objections tool

The Overcoming Pricing Objections Tool will prepare you for price oppositions and questions during the Trusted Business Advisor proposal meeting.

Audit marketing tools for CPAs

The resources in this section will help you articulate the value you provide clients in the audit and attest space.

Hiring a Quality Auditor Brochure

Educate your clients on the importance of hiring a quality auditor.

Value of Hiring a CPA for SOC Services

This brochure highlights the value of CPA provided assurance services for service organizations.

CPAs helping to fight against cyberattacks

This short video explains how CPAs can help businesses protect their customers from cyberattacks. Share it with your clients and start a conversation.

Membership makes a difference

Join the growing community of AICPA members who make all this possible. You’ll get up to date information and discounts on CPE, and contribute to a vibrant and growing profession.