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Employee retention credit guidance and resources

The employee retention credit (ERC) is an important part of the COVID-19 relief legislation for small businesses.

The rules to be eligible to take this refundable payroll tax credit are complex. This resource library will help you understand both the retroactive 2020 credit and the 2021 credit.

ERC library


Employee Retention Credit (ERC): Fact or Fiction?

Many misconceptions surround the ERC eligibility rules and credit calculation. Use this flyer as an educational guide to navigate the complexities.

Employee Retention Credit (ERC) FAQs

Get answers to common employee retention credit (ERC) questions on topics such as shareholder/related-party wages, PPP impacts and aggregation rules.

Summary of American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Learn about the new recovery rebates, tax-free status of certain unemployment benefits and more tax laws contained in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Tax Section Odyssey podcast

Reconciling ERC claims with reality | Tax Section Odyssey

The ERC has helped many businesses struggling throughout the pandemic, but caution should be taken around firms promoting overly aggressive narratives.

Q&A on ERC, tax legislation and IRS woes | Tax Section Odyssey

Tune in to hear answers to FAQs the AICPA Tax Section receives from members on topics such as the ERC, tax-related legislation and IRS service levels.

Mythbust and maximize the employee retention credit | Tax Section Odyssey

Helping eligible clients successfully apply for and receive the ERC is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for CPAs according to Chris Wittich, MBT, CPA.

Tax Section Odyssey videos

What to know about the 2021 ERC before April 30 | Tax Section Odyssey

Jan Lewis, CPA, with Haddox Reid CPAs & Advisors, reviews the latest ERC guidance and important information to help your clients benefit from this credit.

PPP and ERC in 2020 | Tax Section Odyssey

Since inception, the employee retention credit has seen changes. Get the highlights of Notice 2021-20 and how the credit interacts with PPP loans.

Breaking down the employee retention credit | Tax Section Odyssey

Brandon Lagarde, CPA, J.D., LLM, unpacks the latest developments with the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and provides clarity on some commonly asked questions.

Other video and audio resources

Hot on the hotline — ERC mills? That's a thing? And can I send my clients to them for a fee?

The AICPA Professional Ethics Division walk through some questions they’re getting regarding the ERC — what’s legit and what isn’t and what could put you at risk.

Employee retention credit: Your questions answered

Kris Esposito, CPA, MST, Director – AICPA Tax Policy & Advocacy, and April Walker, CPA, CGMA, Lead Manager – AICPA Tax Section, summarize the ERC guidance highlighted in Notice 2021-49.

Practical Applications of the Employee Retention Credit | Tax Section webcast archive

Tax thought leaders from Apiro share their expertise regarding the employee retention credit (ERC) in this webcast archive from May 19, 2021.

Employee retention credit updates and a delegation taboo

April Walker, CPA, CGMA, Lead Manager – AICPA Tax Section, provides an update on the ERC including the filing options, penalty relief extension and recent outstanding questions.

Employee retention credit guidance update and rising economic confidence

April Walker, CPA, CGMA, Lead Manager – AICPA Tax Section, explains the highlights of the latest guidance on the ERC.

Employment Retention Credit for not-for-profits: PPP and ERC interplay

This short videocast answers common questions about the Employment Retention Credit as it pertains to not-for-profits that also have PPP funding.

Employment Retention Credit for Not-for-Profits: Governmental Orders | NFP Ideacast

This short videocast covers recent IRS guidance and answers common questions about the Employment Retention Credit as it pertains to not-for-profit entities.

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