Shaping Tomorrow

What’s next? We ask that question every day in pursuit of the ideas, trends and resources that will help members and students succeed tomorrow. No matter what’s on the horizon, we want them to be ready. Ready for the next regulation. Ready for the next generation. Ready for the next client need or business demand. We also want to make sure their perspective influences the issues that will be most relevant. 


We speak with the power of more than 689,000 members and students to protect the public interest on a range of business, finance and accounting issues around the world. We also engage with employers, policy makersregulators, public and management accounting educators and other stakeholders to strengthen capital markets and advance the value that CPAs and CGMA designation holders deliver to the global financial system.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

The profession is committed to giving back to the communities we serve. One way is through our efforts to improve financial literacy. Our signature program, 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy, helps people of all ages make smart financial decisions today so that they are better positioned for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.


Our aim is to make accountants the go-to analysts, strategists and consultants who are indispensable to organizations throughout the world. Our plan is to convene interested and well-qualified startups in fall 2017 to share, learn and grow.  The Association and Startup Accelerator will help grow startups throughout the accounting ecosystem so they can help transform the profession.


To help grow the CPA pipeline, we offer StartHere, GoPlaces to inform high school students and teachers on career opportunities in accounting and ThisWayToCPA to provide support and resources for college students and CPA Examination candidates. For students interested in practicing management accounting and pursuing the CGMA designation, CIMAconnect offers a study support platform and free study materials.

Research and Thought Leadership

We engage in rigorous research and reporting on topics of critical importance to the accounting profession.  From new resources to mitigate cybersecurity risks to exclusive insights from the world’s leading CEOs, we deliver cutting-edge intelligence to keep members informed and prepared.



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